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Summer 2012

Jun. 21st, 2012 | 12:54 pm
location: Fresno
music: JJProject-Bounce

Haven't posted in a long time...so fast update on what's been going on. :)

Beginning of 2012

Before getting braces (:

After Braces :D

and finally...yesterday ^_^

Summer is not as fun as i thought..but hey at least i don't have to wake up early for school
Have a good summer everyone :)

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Live Journal

Jun. 22nd, 2009 | 08:38 pm
location: Tiffany's House
mood: contentcontent

HELLO PEOPLE!! Guess why I'm here?
well i don't really know why I'm here either, but i asked Chiyuki
(a.k.a Tiffany a.k.a koimei ) something and she told me live journal...

The reason why i chose the name Takahata is because of MISAKI TAKAHATA!!!
I love him so very much but JoHnNy!!! had to ruin it!!!
Now I have a real reason to go and SHANK HIM!!!
or maybe not.. he's too old maybe a little scare will do it! lolz  :P

I'm sorrie if i don't post much or if i don't post anything for a long time.
that' means I'm either busy or i have no access to the internet..  D:
As of right now I'm still a newbie so i don't have much stuff on my profile..
that's the reason why it's so empty..
Anyways Live Journal rockxxx!!!

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